Fabulous News For Fans of Poldark & His Manly Mane

Irish actor Aidan Turner was propelled to stardom this year for his role as Poldark in the hit period drama of the same name, which is a reboot of a hugely successful '70s BBC show based on the novels by Winston Graham.

The show received rave reviews since its debut and won rating wars all over the place, so it was no surprise that the BBC quickly decided to renew it for a second season.

However there is even further good news as the BBC have announced that they have signed a deal to produce FIVE more series of Poldark, and promised even more shirtless Aidan Turner, which had fans in quite the tizzy at the time.

A BBC source told the Sunday Mirror: "We are keen to find a long-running drama which will return year after year and bring in a big audience – our own Downton Abbey. We believe Poldark fits the bill perfectly."

For those that haven't seen it yet, the series is set in late 18th-century Cornwall where Ross Poldark joins the army to avoid charges of smuggling, leaving behind his lovely lady Elizabeth. It all kicks off when he returns three years later after the American War of Independence and finds things aren't quite as he left them.


It's pretty addictive to say the least, so we'd advise you to catch up if you can as it doesn't look like this show is going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you watch? Is this great news for you?

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