Father Ted Writer has a LOT to Say About RTE, and None of it's Good

Last week Father Ted celebrated twenty years since it first broadcast and we all delighted in reminiscing over one of the nation's all time favourite TV shows.

Graham Linehan, the man behind the hit sitcom, took to Twitter to acknowledge the love that people still had for Ted and the gang.

However, he wasn't long addressing that rumour that has always circulated about RTE turning down the comedy before they went to Channel 4.....


Phew, tell us how you really feel, Linehan.

RTE then responded to the claims and released this statement:

RTÉ is serious about supporting new writing, and will continue to do so. The prestigious win for 'Love/Hate' at this weekend's Celtic Media Awards [is] testament to RTÉ's commitment to developing new writing. RTÉ was very proud of 'The Walshes'. However, as a part-funder, RTÉ was not in a position to provide majority funding once the BBC decided not to re-commission it.

Not much love lost there anyways.


Do you think RTE have a good platform for home grown dramas and comedies? Or do you look to other channels to get your 'can't-miss-this-programme' fix? And what has been your favourite Irish show of the last few years?

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