First Dates Ireland couple had already dated each other

We are all eagerly anticipating the Irish version of the Channel 4 show First Dates, probably for the same reason we all watch the UK show - so we can enjoy the sheer awkwardness of a first date unfold from the comfort of our own couch. Only this time, we might know them too.

The show is currently filming at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin and it's emerged that they have run into a stumbling block already in that one of the couples who were set up to meet each other, had in fact already dated. Ireland really is just far too small sometimes.

A source told the Irish Sun; “How Irish is that? It’s never happened on UK’s First Dates but Ireland being Ireland, the guy and the girl, not only knew one another but had been out on a date before."

As that meant the couple were not really on a first date, the show decided to just use them as background diners in one of the episodes, which is a bad call we reckon. Give the people what they want and let us watch the awkwardness play out!


Also, as small as Ireland can be sometimes, it really is still quite the coincidence... perhaps the universe is trying to tell these lovebirds something, 'ey?

First Dates Ireland is due to air on RTE2 this spring.

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