Friday's Late Late Show Audience Were Not Drunk, Says RTE

Not since Linda Martin started on your man from Aslan have we seen such a reaction to one Late Late Show. We would say you had to be there, but we are kind of glad we were not... or are we?? Opinion is divided on whether it was car crash TV or in fact telly gold, we are leaning more towards the latter, even though poor Ryan did look a bit like a substitute teacher who had lost the run of his class by the end.

On the off chance you didn't hear anything about it, Ryan had a bit of a Valentine's Special, where the entire audience was made up of young single folk. Yep, looking for trouble so he was. It wasn't long before things started to look more like a night in Coppers than a chat show. You had Katie Hopkins shifting audience members, ROG talking about getting up on his missus, Janey, were they even talking about sugar daddies for a while or had we all blacked out by then?

Given the, eh, boisterous nature of the audience, many questioned if they had been plied with alcohol prior to the show, because how else in the name of God could these people have come across ALCOHOL? The broadcaster has come out and said though, that the crowd were given the standard amount of refreshments ahead of the show.

A spokesperson from RTE said; "As with every show, members of the audience are offered a small amount of complimentary refreshments (alcohol and non-alcohol) before the show," she said. "The standard amount of refreshments were offered to Friday night's audience."

Going on to say; "The Late Late Show broadcast a St Valentine's special on Friday night. With 200 single people it's fair to say that love and excitement was in the air."

(Katie Hopkins embracing a man from the audience after he said; 'I'd ride ya'.)

Love and excitement? Yeah something like that.

In fairness we would well believe that they only had the standard amount out in RTE. First off, they could easily have had a few drinks before they even got to RTE, but besides that, it was more of a case of a crowd of young men and women just being a bit rowdy together.

Also, the men were probably trying to impress the ladies, and vice versa. David Attenborough would have had a field day with that lot.

We have no doubt too that Ryan will most certainly have won the ratings war this week against The Saturday Night Show. Let's face it though, there was only one winner Friday night, and that was Coppers, where they all inevitably headed after.

There could Late Late babies from that night yet folks. We hope they name them ROG.


What do you reckon, were you watching Friday night? Did the crowd seem drunk to you?

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