G of T's Emilia Clarke & Jason Momoa Had a Lovely Paris Reunion

Dammit we did really hate that Khal Drogo fella at the start of Game of Thrones but once Daenerys started to take a shining to him, it was difficult not to like that monosyllabic charmer.

Unfortunately (spoiler alert), Khal Drogo did not make it past season two, which worked out alright for our Khaleesi really (Daario, need we say more) but it looks like actress Emilia Clarke has been missing her former co-star and 'moon and stars' if the pics below are anything to go by.

Herself and Jason Momoa met up in Paris over the weekend to catch up and thankfully shared some delightful snaps of the reunion on their Instagram, even joking that Momoa would return to the show as a dragon. We could get on board with that.

Take a look at the cuteness of the pair below:



N'aww. Daenerys + Drogo = True Luv 4EVA.

And he's a pro with the guyliner.

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