Game of Thrones News - a Glimpse of What's to Come in Season 6

The gigantic veil of mystery that is surrounding season 6 of Game of Thrones following that finale, has left us all spinning our heads coming up with all sorts of possible scenarios. Even the book folk don't know what's to come anymore, we, like dear Jon Snow, officially all know NOTHING.

One thing that has been revealed recently however is the season six directors, with five of them once again at the helm of two episodes each, while there's also two newcomers in the mix.

 The most interesting point to note however is that the director of that fantastic Hardhome episode in season five (Miguel Sapochnik) is returning for the final two episodes of season six.

If you recall, Hardhome was that spectacular battle between Jon Snow, the Wildlings and the White Walkers undead army, so you can't help but assume that we are in for another epic battle at the end of the upcoming series. Will Jon Snow be there in some shape or form to take part? For all we know he could be fighting on the same side as the White Walkers by then...

One of the two newcomer directors will be Jack Bender, who will be in charge of episode five and six of the upcoming season. He has previously directed 38 episodes of 'Lost', including many of the show’s premieres and finales, as well as episodes of CBS’ Under the Dome, TNT’s The Last Ship and Fox’s Alcatraz.


While the other newbie is Daniel Sackheim, who will direct episodes three and four, and has previously worked on the likes of The X-Files, Lie to Me, House and most recently directed six episodes of FX’s The Americans.

Returning directors will be Jeremy Podeswa (episodes one and two), who in season 5 directed two episodes from the middle of the season, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” and “Kill the Boy." As well as Mark Mylod, (episodes seven and eight) who previously directed the third and fourth episode of season 5, 'High Sparrow' and 'Sons of the Harpy.'

So there you have it, it's good to know... although we still have as many questions as ever, and SO long to wait, dammit.

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