George Hook Lost It With Colette Fitzpatrick On TV3 Last Night

Somebody really should have warned Colette Fitzpatrick not to poke the beast as she certainly managed to rile George Hook up no end last night on Late Review.

The TV3 host suggested to him that he enjoyed courting controversy with his opinions, which he took great offence to calling it an "outrageous accusation".

Her exact words were; "There's a difference now between speaking your mind and being controversial and saying things for the sake of winding people up, and you like it."

To which he replied; "All you are doing is feeding in to the kind of stereotype for which I have to battle every single day. And that stereotype is that this guy says that, not because he believes it, he says that in order to create controversy.

"You're calling me a fake!"

Colette then denied calling him a fake to which he replied; "Of course you're calling me a fake! You're saying this guy doesn't believe a word he says, he just says it to stir controversy, and if you think you can call me a fake and a liar I'll do what the president of SIPTU did on Vincent Browne which is to whip off the microphone and walk out of this studio.

"That's outrageous and don't tell me about implied consent and then just because you're a woman feel you can call me fake."



Things got pretty tense.

And you have to agree he pretty much ruined any point he was trying to make with the 'just because you're a woman' comment. What in the world does Colette being a woman have to do with this, George? Imagine a woman saying to Vincent Browne he was only questioning her 'just because he was a man'?

It would be incredibly, sorry George, you've pretty much ruined your point with that remark

Watch the madness unfold below;


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