Girls new season promo trailer is here!

"They’re older. Not much wiser," is the tagline that Lena Dunham has gone with for season five of 'Girls', and that seems all the more evident from the latest promo trailer.

This year we found out that Dunham is ending the show after next year's sixth season, so what can we look forward to from the show's second last go round? Well we know that Marnie is getting married to her awful bandmate musician boyfriend (which we're all aware is a terrible idea), Hannah is taking nudes to celebrate her "non-traditional body type", Shoshana's gone native in Japan and is dressing up as a nurse and whipping people and Jessa is still Jessa, judging you and everyone in the show. Adam Driver's in there too but what he's getting up to we have no idea but we're sure it'll be dark and intense.

The fifth season of Girls starts on Sky Atlantic this February.


We don't know where all this Cher-bashing is coming from but honestly, it's offensive.

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