Gogglebox's Scarlett puts Katie Hopkins back in her box

And all it took was one tweet. It's hardly surprising; while young Moffatt does come out with some clueless clangers during her appearances on Gogglebox, she is - on the whole - one clued in astute cookie.

It all kicked off not long ago on Katie Hopkins preferred stomping ground - twitter (the natural habitat for many a malcontent). Scarlett posted a tweet regarding her intention to lose a few pounds. To which Katie was quick to reply with the mind-numbingly basic...

By way of a smashing response, Scarlett whipped out her recently penned book 'Scarlett Says' and flipped her way to a page she obviously knew would come in useful some day - because The Hopkins is nothing if predictable.

Owning twitter's biggest troll AND a book plug in one fell swoop... she's a canny lass, and twitter has been rejoicing ever since.


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