Russian Wedding Photography Is The Latest WTF Phenomenon: Prepare To LOL

I imagine that wedding photography is a tricky business. You need to capture the day for the couple in question in a way that reflects their personalities, gives them something to look back on with fondness and makes for a decent Facebook profile picture.

Sometimes couples decide to go the extra mile for the photos of their special day and use group participation and Photoshop to come up with something absolutely brilliant. One of my favourites is this dinosaur attack wedding photo:


It’s beautifully shot, the wedding party are 100% committed to the idea and the Photoshopped T-rex looks fantastic.

However, quirky wedding photography isn’t always as well-executed or as well thought out as that. Oh no. A Russian blog has collected some of the worst and downright weirdest examples of Russian wedding photography for your enjoyment. And puzzlement. Let’s face it, it’s mostly puzzlement.

For example, how about this groom showing off his superhuman strength by fake-lifting the wedding car over his head with his teeny tiny bride inside?


To be honest, the concept for the photo doesn’t even bother me half as much as how wildly out of proportion the bride and groom are, not to mention the fact that the car isn’t even clean. And who’s that sitting in the front? Come on, guys! Try harder next time.


Now, you know what’s classy? Black and white photos. And if you’ve got a nice ass in your wedding lingerie, why not go for a black and white booty shot! Because your parents will see it, that’s why.



I’m not sure where to begin with this one. Quite apart from the fact that one of the guys in this bizarre conga line is wearing a tiny veil-poncho of some description, who the flip is under the bride’s dress? And WHY? It makes her look like a fancy pantomime horse and it’s all I can see now.


Alright then, the bride’s hair looks great, the coat is nice and fluffy, they’re both wearing crowns…sure, why not. Aaaand the groom is being impaled through the head with a baguette. It's like some kind of weird, Game of Thrones-meets-bakery photoshoot. GAME OF SCONES.


Crowns seem to be a recurring thing in Russian wedding photos, as here we have a lovely crowned bride…with an arrow in her teeth, crawling through murky water. I actually kind of love this one, even though it’s utterly baffling.


Time for some comic relief! You see, it’s funny because the girls are peeing like guys and the guys are peeing like girls! Because that’s something you want to have in your wedding album! Right? People peeing? Right? Unfortunately, having the guys squat like that just makes it look like they’re actually having a poo.

And my personal favourite…Wedding Centaurs!


That old “couple standing on the beach” cliché is not for this couple, not when they can be half-horse, half-human, all awesome.


Are you as confused as I am with their wedding photo choices? Do you have a particular favourite? And do you wish that you had incorporated a baguette into your own shot?

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