Cheryl Has Changed All The X Factor Group Names

To be honest, we've been watching X Factor and we still don't have a breeze what the names of the final six groups are. We all know we don't need to retain that information until the live shows, and even then one of the groups usually gets booted off the first week.

However, it's Judges Houses this weekend so you may as well know who you will be watching as Cheryl has decided her groups needed a little rebranding.

So 4th Power are now 4th Impact as there was worries that their original name could prompt a copyright claim.

Also, Alien will become Alien Uncovered, while BEKLN are now BEKLN Mile.

Silver Tone will now be known as Melody Stone, while The First Kings have been renamed New Kings Order.


Finally, Menn On Point will now go by their first names, becoming simply Reggie n Bollie.

It's not the first time mentors have messed with band names, Little Mix were previously called Rhythmix after all. Some of those changes seem a tad unnecessary though, especially since a lot of them will be back to the day jobs next week. Sorry, too harsh?

The acts will perform at Judges Houses this Saturday night, while in a first for X Factor, Sunday will be live from Wembley where the contestants will hear if they made it into their mentor's final three.

The X Factor will be on TV3 this Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 7.30pm. Will you tune in?

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