Great British Bake Off fans will have to wait a bit longer for a new series this year

It's the time of year once more for The Great British Bake Off to get started, with the show usually kicking off at the beginning of August. However fans of the series may have to wait a little longer for their annual dose of baking innuendo and Mary Berry's charming banter, as the show has been pushed back until after the Olympics are over.

Rio 2016 kicks off this Friday and won't finish until Monday, 22nd August, and according to The Sun, The Great British Bake Off will then make its return for its seventh series on Wednesday, 24th August.

Bit of a wait yet, but there's good news in that the show will have not one buttwo Christmas specials this year, with each episode welcoming back four legendary bakers from previous series for three festive-themed challenges.


So moral of the story, there's a lot of Bake Off action coming your way this year, just not as soon as you may have expected it.

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