Great Lineup in Store this Week on The Late Late Show! Seriously.

No, no, for real. It actually is a decent lineup, and nobody on it looks like they will make us feel even near as awkward as Ryan O'Neal did last week. Although we wouldn't mind someone telling the audience to shut up again a la Russell Crowe.

Anyways, this week the one and only Kim Cattrall will join Ryan for a chat, who everyone will of course know as Samantha from Sex and the City. Luckily Ryan has seen every single episode of that show to date. Really, he has.

Cattrall is in town for JDIFF but will also be chatting about her career to date and her new dark comedy TV series Sensitive Skin.

As well as her good self, the legend that is Alan Rickman will be on to discuss his new film A Little Chaos. Rickman is known for many a famous movie role in the past, not least for that evil Russian bloke trying to kill Bruce Willis in Die Hard, as well as Éamon de Valera in Michael Collins, and of course Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films.


On top of that, The Late Late Show will be having a good gossip with Louis Walsh about what really happened between Zayn Malik and One Direction, while his new band Hometown will also perform.

Finally, Calum Best will chat to Ryan about the difficult relationship he had with his father George Best. Calum was most recently seen in this year's Celebrity Big Brother, and eh, every other reality show that ever was before that.

So now, don't know about you, but overall we are liking the sounds of this one. Do you have Friday plans? Do they involve the Late Late?

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