Harry Styles Admits to All Sorts As He Plays Ellen's 'Never Have I Ever'

Come on, of course he does. The joy here is watching his honesty and lack of f*cks to give now that One Direction are going on hiatus.

The One Direction boys sat down on Ellen this week to talk over their new album and their upcoming break from music and while there, DeGeneres got them to play a good old fashioned game of 'Never Have IĀ Ever'.

And it was during this game that Harry, amongst other revelations like using each other's toothbrushes and regretting tattoos, revealed that he'd hooked up with a fan.

We're going to go out on a limb and say it didn't just happen once either.

Ellen also pushed the boys about the departure of Zayn and things got very uncomfortable, forcing Harry to jump in and break the conversation. So they talked about falling over on stage instead, which is equally entertaining.


We're going to miss this lot when they're gone. Now, when do you reckon that'll be?

Via Ellentube

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