Here's the full trailer for Finding Dory

Finding Dory has got to be one of the most hotly anticipated animation films due for release in the next year.

After all, Finding Nemo was such a huge success, it introduced Ellen DeGeneres'  Dory to the world, it had talking pigeons and a great story attached to it all as well. While some of us might have been a bit skeptical about the idea of a sequel, this trailer definitely puts our minds at ease.

The story continues with Dory finally realising that she actually has a family, one that she's been separated from for however long and that she is suddenly compelled to return to. There's a pretty incredible cast lined up, including Modern Family's Ed O'Neill and Ty Burrell, It's Always Sunny In Philadelpha Kaitlin Olson, Eugene Levy and loads more to be announced.

We're also loving the return of Crush, the surfer-dude turtle. Is Bruce the Shark also making an appearance, perhaps? Here's hoping because we loved that guy.


Enough filler. Here's the trailer.

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