Here's What We Think That EastEnders Whodunnit Clue at the NTAs Meant

We've all been waiting several lifetimes at this stage for the killer to be revealed in the Lucy Beale Whodunnit storyline in EastEnders. Well, Wednesday's National Television Awards came through on their promise to reveal a big clue at the ceremony.

Although....a clue? Yes. Big? Not so sure. Saying that, maybe you Sherlocks and Miss Marples out there were all over it.

Halfway through the ceremony last night, Dermot O'Leary made his way across to the EastEnders cast where a man was holding onto a silver case. In said case was a phone, a black phone, as it were, which then proceeded to play out an eerie little tune with a note on the box that read 'This is the last thing Lucy heard'.

Yeah we don't really know much more either.

We do know that this is the tune that comes out of Lucy's jewellery box, which seems to have come up again and again throughout this storyline.

First off, when Cindy found the cocaine in it and told Ian about it. Second of all, it somehow turned up wrapped under the tree on Christmas day, and finally, it was after DC Emma had asked Max and Jane about the jewellery box that she started to put together who actually did kill Lucy.

Of course Emma died soon after that, but that's... eh, not related. No really, it's not.

This clue though has really brought more questions than answers. How could the music of her jewellery box be the last thing Lucy heard if she died in the park? Or did she die in the park?

And why would whoever killed her want to put that jewellery box under the tree in the first place? Do they want to be found out? Or does somebody else know who it is?

Also the very fact that something so personal as a jewellery box has been brought into the equation implies that it was definitely somebody close to Lucy, but then we kind of knew that.

And...why wasn't the actual jewellery box used in this clue last night as opposed to the phone? So maybe she heard the sound of her jewellery box over a phone call...

Here's who Ian Beale was pointing the finger at last night....

While Max just came right out and admitted it earlier on in the day...

Yeah, nice try Max.

We're none the wiser really, so we're just going to stick with one of our original guesses of Abi Branning. It's always the quiet ones.

We're just going to call it...Abi Branning. In the park. With the jewellery box.

The killer will be revealed on the 30th anniversary live show on February 19th, while there will be a soap first as EastEnders have already filmed a flashback to show viewers what exactly did happen that night.


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