How Is Netflix Changing The Way We Watch TV?

The days of all crowding around the TV to watch a certain show at a certain time are on the way out, but we're also still watching plenty of TV shows.

We're living in the "golden age" of TV, by all accounts, and there's now a huge variety of ways that we can consume our media on the go, whether that's via mobile, tablet or on a games console, and it's increasingly become the norm for networks to offer their shows up for on demand viewers.

The folks at Frame Your TV have put together some facts and figures that illustrate just how much the ability to watch TV whenever we want has changed how we engage with the medium, and how Netflix, along with the other streaming services out there, have started to gain ground on the networks when it comes to original programming and are shaping the TV landscape for the future.


Do you still watch TV the traditional way, or do you mostly stream all your favourite shows?

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