How Many Embarrasing Stories Can One Superstar Have?

Just when you think you can't love good old JLaw anymore, she goes and shares her most hilariously embarrassing stories and endears herself even more.

Jennifer Lawrence appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and while she did spend a good chunk of her time running back and forth from the couch and dancing with Fallon, she also dedicated a proportion of her appearance to talking about her most embarrassing moments.

Maybe you were thinking that the whole Oscar fall thing would be top of the list, but you would be wrong. Between gasping for breath and nearly choking, Lawrence explained to Fallon about how much of a klutz she is as well as just being adorably socially awkward. There's also a fantastic tale of mis-recognition and a stonker of a tale with Francis Ford Coppola. Somebody give this gal a book deal.

Although... maybe it's all fake. She does have an Oscar after all, so all of these stories could be bogus - but we like to think she's being sincere. Also, who would willingly make up stories that make you that uncomfortable in front of a studio audience?


What's the most embarrassing story you would be willing to share with the entire world?

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