ICYMI: 10 best tweets during Ireland V France match

It's almost a cliche to say it, but yesterday's defeat against France was a valiant one.

An incredibly powerful and physical performance by Ireland wasn't enough to stave off a reinvigorated France in the second half, despite numerous attempts and strong play by Darren Randolph.

Twitter was a sea of emotions from the very beginning, of course. It all began with Robbie Brady's awe-inspiring penalty in the opening two minutes - the fastest goal in the tournament - and from there, so goes the story.


Keep in mind, that's a parody account - but, still, you never know with Michael D.


We need to rename this road Robbie Brady Rd. All in favour?


True, in fairness.


Kanté make jokes at a time like this.



Too soon?


There won't be a tyre changed in Lyon tonight.


He'd murder the defence. Literally.


We also have Liam Neeson, Michael Fassbender, the Gleesons and Michael D. Higgins. Who have the French got? Jean Reno? That short-arse Sarkozy?! HAH.


That's the only upside to Brexit so far.


We even had Ser Davos standing behind us. What a shame.



Via entertainment.ie

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