New survey reveals Irish people's top 10 places to go for a first date

There's a reason we have a pub in every town and village in the country you know.

A new survey of Irish people by Domino's has confirmed what we all already knew, that going for a drink is the most popular option for a first date amongst the singletons of our fair nation. After that came going for a 'romantic meal', while going to the cinema, a gig and having a picnic all made the top five choices of first date. We don't know where/when they'd be able to arrange that picnic date with our weather though.

Bowling, wine tasting (~notions~), going to a museum, going to a theme park and playing mini golf rounded out the top ten and all we can say about is that Tayto Park is about to get very busy.

The survey also revealed that Thursday is now the most popular day for people using dating apps in their hunt for love (or whatever).


According to the poll of more than 1,000 people, 26 per cent of first dates in Ireland now start online with apps being more active on Thursday by more than 400 per cent compared to previous days.

Almost a third said they prefer to meet someone online before they met them IRL, while also revealing just how stalkery they are as just over half of the people polled said they go straight to Google or Facebook to find out more about their potential new love interest once they get their name.

Not creepy at all...

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