IKEA's Famous Meatballs Are Going Vegetarian

Not content with being known just for their innovative flat-pack furniture, IKEA have decided that it's time to start making better and healthier food too.  

The furniture superstore's food offerings have long been pretty popular, and taking the chance to grab some fuel to keep you focused on getting the things that you actually need as you make your way through the gargantuan structure instead of buying all the stuff that catches your eye is a good idea. Then again, we do need new towels...


Anyway, back on track. IKEA have decided that it's high time they catered for the vegetarians amongst us and have launched the new vegetarian-friendly meatballs, which they're calling GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, in select European markets and the UK today.


The rest of the world will have to wait for another few weeks to get their hands on them, but it seems that overall, IKEA are going to be changing their food offerings and by September they promise to have a healthier, more homely feel to the menu and the restaurants for their visitors.

They look pretty appetising, but would you like to try this new spin on a classic from IKEA?

Via Mashable

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