IKEA are Coming to the High Street with a Different Type of Shop

IKEA's giant warehouses are all well and good, but it's hard to find central or high street locations that will fit their entire selection.

The company have come up with a solution to that problem though, as they're now planning to bring shop and collect stores to the high street and more central locations, after a trial run in Pamplona, Spain turned out to be a success.

The first of the new order-and-collect stores is set to be opened in Norwich in the UK, and in a statement about the move, they said they "are hoping to bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping and offer customers a more personal service locally".

There will be some products in the store that you can take home and the day, as well as a small café where you can get their famous meatballs, but the main feature is the planning section, where you can get advice from IKEA staff on what to look for, as well as test some products.


While the company only operates one store on Irish shores in Ballymun, they have been doing pretty well here of late with reports showing that we're spending €2 million a week in the furniture giant, so it would make sense for them to expand to other parts of the country if their experiment in the UK proves to be a success.

Where do you think they should set up shop next in Ireland?

Via The Journal

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