I'm a skanger a Dublin knacker: Gangnam Style parody hilarious or insulting?

There's a lot of crap on YouTube.  A hell of a lot of it - and much of it at the moment consists of  Gangnam Style parodies.  But this surely must be a strong contender for the worst one yet.

"Watch this!  It's hilarious!" said the email I was sent.  I watched it with a growing sense of unease, coupled with absolute amazement at the accent.  How can anyone be that bad at accents?   How could anyone be that crude and insulting?  I think she's trying for a Katherine Tate/Vicki Pollard character but it just doesn't work.

"Jesus Christ" said the guy watching over my shoulder.  "That's terrible.  Really really nasty.  Is that meant to be funny?"

The "star" of this production is a Canadian, Kristin Kapelli, and I'm cringing for you love. And no it ain't "political correctness" that makes this whole thing sit so badly.  It's just not funny.


Running for almost 4 minutes (which is about 3.55 too long) this cliche ridden pile of shite (excuse my French) reminds me a lot of this equally dire Benefit promo.

Our pyjama wearing classes deserve better.  And I never thought I'd hear myself saying that either.

What do you think though?  Agree with me - or think this is a really funny, lighthearted laugh?

Go with your gut reaction!

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