Emma Watson's doppelganger is a cosplayer who dresses as Hermione

No magic spells or tricks here.

The doppelganger in question is fashion blogger and cosplayer Megan Flockhart, and her likeness to Emma Watson is so strong that she often cosplays in the actress's most iconic role – Hermione Granger.

Just look at that resemblance:

When the lighting in Manchester is 92463829x better than Glasgow

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Not the most ideal coworker but Chewie means well @surfdogsglasgow #starwars

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Both Emma and Megan also share in common a love for fashion, reading, a passion for feminism, and devotion to J.K. Rowling’s magic world.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for being so amazingly positive and lovely to me, it really means so much! You guys don't have to be so sweet but you are, and it's truly made me so happy🌟 I also want to clear up some things as I've seen just a few things written than isn't exactly true: I don't claim to be Emma Watsons doppelgänger, as much as I would LOVE to be, as she's absolutely stunning and has been my idol since the age of 10, I am myself also, and I have features that are completely different to Emma's, I'm totally 110% aware of this hahah also, I was first noticed through the lovely @heidimaetrix for my Hermione Cosplay and was noticed by even more people through her shout out. I in NO way submitted myself to be Emma Watsons "twin" 🙈 I just don't want anyone getting the wrong impression! @emmawatson is a truly remarkable woman who's empowering and inspiring through her humanitarian efforts to her overall values and talent & yes I definitely aspire to be as empowering as her one day, but I don't actually think I am her...this is an extremely bizarre thing to be writing about and I realise no matter what I say people will always get the wrong impression, I'd just rather back myself up on my own social platforms! Lastly, I do relate tremendously to the character of Hermione Jean Granger but I'm under no pretence that I am that character (although, how amazing would that be? The most bad ass, intelligent, strong and loving character I've ever came across) I don't walk about in costume, it's for #cosplay and it's a hobby I very much enjoy while I'm young!

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Between her and the Harley Quinn lookalike, cosplayers are definitely upping their game.



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