Irish Style Icon #2: Francis Brennan we HEART you

Following on from the wild and whimsical fashion of Ireland’s most exciting meteorologist Jean Byrne, this week we’re turning our attention to one of the country’s most consistently dapper men.

Francis Brennan, hotelier and star of RTE’s At Your Service is a sartorial delight to behold.

With his Andy Warhol hair and coordinated ties and pocket squares, he’s an unfailingly polite and impeccably mannered force to be reckoned with, as he and his brother John travel the country rescuing dowdy hotels with sparkling charm and a no-nonsense attitude. While John seems like a perfectly nice man, Francis is undoubtedly the main attraction.

His enthusiasm for the hotel business is infectious, his eye for detail unparalleled and with his signature neck cord holding his glasses in place, he’s ready at a moment’s notice to good-naturedly berate proprietors for having a crooked picture frame on the wall. Even as a cartoon he’s all sharp style.


Whether his ties and handkerchiefs are matching or contrasting, he’s perfectly coiffed and put together at all times. His particular look is complimented nicely by his expressive hand gestures and his gentle voice, peppered with quite frequent utterances of “please God” and “thanks be to God”. He's part Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served?, part Fr. Noel Furlong, all legend. His charisma level is so high, you’ve never heard someone shoot down a redecorating idea so nicely, yet firmly.

You get the feeling that if he ever called over to your house you’d have a totally delightful evening drinking tea with him, and although he might rearrange the cushions on your sofa and criticize your choice of hand soap, he’d do it so nicely you’d end up offering him all the fancy biscuits.

In short, we here at think the elder Brennan is the business.


So, are you feeling the love for Francis?

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