POLL: Is shaving your legs a feminist issue? Are you a member of the hairy leg brigade or the smooth pins section?

The tights are off.  No longer can we hide our winter growth of luxuriant leg hair under a thick covering of opaque blackness.  For most of us that meant rushing for a leg wax appointment or spending an unreasonable amount of time shaving the damn stuff off.

And then missing a bit anyway and discovering a hairy anklet when it was too late to do anything about it.

Looking at all the bare legs over our thankfully joyfully brilliant weekend of sunshine I noticed that not one of them had a stray wisp of hair or hint of stubble on them.  Everyone was shaved, waxed, veeted or epiliated within an inch of their leggy lives.

hairy legs2

But there's a backlash against women shaving their legs or pits: or rather a school of thought that thinks, well why the hell should we?

What's wrong with having legs in their natural state.  Why shouldn't our legs be indistinguishable from those of Rob Kearney in a line out?  Why are we conforming to these stereotypes of female attractiveness?  WHYYYYYYYYY.

hairy legs


It's unfeminine to have hairy legs scream the advocates of leg shaving. Hairy legs are ugly and masculine - who wants to look like they're about to enter the rugby scrum?  Legs feel and look nicer if they're smooth.

The other side (the hairy leggers) yell back:  why should we shave? How on earth is it anyone's business what we do with our hair.  Is it hurting anyone?  Is anyone going to die because of our hairy legs?

The argument can get very heated believe you me.

So what do you think? Let's poll on this important issue!


pics via what-the-fuck-is-brunch.tumblr.comselfhelpful.tumblr.com


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