Is That a Massive Phoenix We See on Ben Affleck's Back?

We repeat, this is not for a movie, this is real. And LOOKITTHESIZEOFIT! Imagine the number of painstaking hours put into it? And, bear in mind, this is just the top of it; his flaming Phoenix spans his entire back.

Not everyone's a fan...

The natural assumption is that it's a(n extreme) breakup tattoo, but there are also rumours that he's just a massive Harry Potter fan.


On the upside, it's not as if he can see it himself every day.

For those of you who refuse to believe that this was a choice of his and it's not just for a movie (these pics were taken on the set of Live By Night after all) Us Weekly have photos of him with the tattoo back in July, a month after himself and Jennifer Garner officially split... They also have a quote from an "insider", which reads: "He got it done at home recently."

Would you consider a huge tattoo? If so, where would you get it? Your back like Ben, or all over your bum like Cheryl?

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