See Liv Tyler's '90s photos of Ben Affleck & Kate Moss

Remember when Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck starred alongside each other in Michael Bay's Armageddon in 1998? Well, if you don't, Liv's posted this reminder on Monday (she doesn't play by the rules). Yes, Ben does appear to be scarfing her head, wouldn't you?

The actors also reunited for reunited for Jersey Girl, but nobody likes to talk about that.

This throwback pic followed this recent post involving Liv cupping Kate Moss, entitled "Look what kate and I just found in a little box of photos / treasure chest . Early 90's nyc girls #katemoss #1990's"

Bet that was a quiet night.


While, as you can see, white vests and a denim shirt do feature heavily in the above pics, unfortunately, there isn't even a faint hum of cargo pants or a belly top.

Liv is currently expecting her third child, her second with Dave Gardner.

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