It'll be a Beautiful Day for Irish U2 Fans Some Time in November!

They said it wouldn't happen. Some said it'd be too tricky to pull off... But how could they not bring one of their tours to the aul sod, hah?!

According to The Irish Times, Bono confirmed their intent to tour Ireland in two months time on Saturday night after their Turin show. He said: "We are coming home... it was really hard to figure out a way of doing it, but we just had to make it happen."

In short, they had to find a way of rejigging the set to make it fit into an Irish venue: "We found a way to reformat the show, to literally rebuild it for the Irish shows... It got to the stage where we just had to tell our people 'You have to make this happen, you have to make this work, this is where we are from and we have to bring the tour home'.”

As for where they'll play, or what dates they're planning on doing; nothing has been confirmed as yet - apart from an indication that it will be second half of the moth. So, if you're an avid U2 fan and have been to every Irish gig - just clear your diary for the last two weeks in November to be on the safe side. Their last show was meant to be in Paris on November 15th, so anytime after that should be grand.


Speaking of his joy at getting to play to a home crowd, Bono added: "I am so happy we are bringing this home. These Irish shows will be like an Irish wedding. It is always tricky planning a wedding - 'who sits besides who' could ruin it!"

That and the weather. The weather could also ruin it. Don't forget the weather... Sorry to bring it up, but it's always a valid point.

So, has this news made your week complete, and it's only Monday? Or couldn't you care less?

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