It's Cyber Monday. Clear my diary: I'll be in "meetings" all day

online shopping.jpgToday has been dubbed "Cyber Monday," as it's the big kick off date for Crimbo online shopping. It seems it will be a bit like Dec 8th, when the whole of Ireland descends on Dublinia by the coachload, for a shopping frenzy. Only this time it's online.

But wait a minute... Isn't today a WORK day? So how on earth is everyone going to get their online shopping done?

I have terrible news to break. They're going to do it DURING WORK!

Apparently a recent survey in the US of A has revealed that today 46 percent of working Americans will be Christmas shopping for bargains online - while they're at work.


And although over 11% of those surveyed have already been caught in the act previously by their boss, they still intend to spend nearly an hour on average shopping online this Monday instead of working.

Lord almighty. Never heard the like. Tell me what you think of these survey findings

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