5 low-calorie drinks for a slightly healthier Christmas

These five low-calorie drinks are also sugar-free drinks so you can enjoy your tipple without (as much as) the guilt.

If you enjoy a drink, the chances are you'll be having quite a few of them over the festive period. While we always recommend drinking responsibility, we also acknowledge that you'll probably imbibe a bit more at this time of year. Especially since the default answer to any question involving food and drink is, "sure why not? It's Christmas!"

Luckily, a good few of the shops are offering healthier (or, at least, healthy-ish) snack options and some of them offer low-calorie drinks and low-sugar drinks, which is good of them. But, if you're whipping up some cocktails or deciding what kind of booze to buy for the Big Shop, here are seven that will kinda, sorta contribute to healthy-esque living this Christmas.


Champagne has typically fewer calories than other types of wine (sadly, red wine is the worst - in a lot of ways). There are approximately 95 calories in a glass of champagne.

Vodka / Gin / Your spirit of choice with seltzer

Out of all the carbonated waters (tonics, soda water), seltzer has the fewest additives and doesn't contain added minerals. Tonic is actually loaded with calories and sugar - seltzer is basically fizzing water. Add a squeeze of lime or lemon for flavour.


Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary's can be heavy - but that's a good thing. Provided you make it from scratch (as in, don't succumb to the sugar and additive loaded pre-mixes), it can average 135 calories and because it's heavy, you drink it slower and you'll have less of them.

Light Beer

When I think beer, I think gut, but light beer can be really, really light; about 29 calories.

Tequila on the Rocks

Forget that experience with tequila shots when you were at college, there are some beautiful tequilas available that were made for sipping. Add ice and a slice of lime and you're all set. A shot of tequila (all you need in the glass) is about 64 calories.


Remember, limiting the number you drinks will also help reduce the calories and sugar (and it's just far better for you). Use natural ingredients when making cocktails and drink plenty of water in between!

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