Feast your eyes on these cheesy celebrity Christmas cards

A little selection of celebrity Christmas cards so you can look at the cheese rather than eat in before you gorge later in the month.

In America, the family Christmas card - or Holiday card, rather - is an important holiday tradition. As well as filling everyone in on what's the haps with their fam, they get to create a fun festive family picture to show everyone what a perfectly lovely life they live.

This year, a lot of celebs got a lil freebie from a stationary company Simply to Impress. They probably sent them out to their loved ones who, I'm guessing, like the rest of us know all about their lives already thanks to the magazines, and social media and maybe even sites like these). But, as part of the deal, they have to share them on Insta, too, for our viewing pleasure.

My favourites are Mark Wahlberg and Mellissa Joan Hart's which are both prime examples of good old American cheese.

Ashley Simpson

Jessica Alba

Tia Mowry

Tori Spelling

Kyle Richards


And because we're on a roll here, here's a selection of some from years gone by...



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Kelly Clarkson


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Merry Christmas from the Blackstock clan! @gameofthrones #gameofthrones #winteriscoming #riverisnotworried

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Mark Wahlberg


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Merry Christmas from the Wahlbergs! ?

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Melissa Joan Hart

The Kardashians, from way back in 2012!



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Нарушили традицию: семейство Кардашьян не будет делать рождественскую открытку "Нам просто не хватило времени. Я думаю, что это будет первый год, когда мы не будем делать нашу рождественскую открытку", - рассказала Ким Кардашьян. #традиция#семьякардашьян#кардашьян#семья#реалитишоу#звезда#первыйгод#рождество#рожджественскаяоткрытка#открытка#нехватиловремени#счастливаясемья#вбелом#новости#шоубиз#шоу#нарушили#kardashian#kimkardashian#christmascard#kardashiancard#kardashianfamily

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