Jacob Tremblay on Ellen is The Cutest

It's fair to say Jacob Tremblay has become the breakout star of this year's awards season.

Whether it's his lightsaber duel with Oscar Isaac or his adorable acceptance speech at the Critic's Choice Awards, the best actor from 2015 (sorry Leo) is stealing the show wherever he goes.

Naturally it was the same when he made his first television appearance on Ellen. Prepare to be overwhelmed with adorableness.

We didn't think we could like him any more than we already do but he's so much more charismatic than we thought. We particularly love the line about being allowed to skip the queue to meet Leo because "I'm a kid".


Also, if you think he's just flash in the pan think again. Jacob has got huge plans to become a Hollywood mogul when grows up as a screenwriter and a director. He even had to the good sense not to share his ideas on TV in case George Lucas or Steven Spielberg stole them.

You're already ahead of the game kid.

Via EllenTube

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