Jennifer Lawrence's Latest Red Carpet Look is Everything

When you break it down, Jennifer Lawrence's look is not that exciting: black gúna (in this case by Ralph Lauren), blonde wavy bob, dangly earrings etc etc. But when you put it all together. Sigh. This is one of our favourite red carpet looks of the year!

See, it's the seeming simplicity of the ensemble that does it. It probably took hours and hours to put the look together but she could have just waltzed into her dressing room half an hour before the red carpet and just slipped into it. Brava Jen.

In other news, she fell over again. 'Twas the shoes what did it!



As for the offending footwear, here it is in all its glory...

Anyone ever gone publicly arse over boob? For example, have you slipped down the church steps causing your skirt to shimmy up towards your armpits? Just me?

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