Julianne Hough's Wedding Dress Dilemma

Julianne Hough - actress, judge, dancer, sibling of Derek, and fiancee of Brooks Laich - is getting married soon, and Us Weekly have reportedly tracked down the five dresses she has her eye on. They're all from BHLDN, Anthropologie's wedding line, and are very reasonably priced (spend the day watching TLC's Say Yes To The Dress and you'll know what I mean).

Speaking via Us Weekly, the 27-year-old said, "Even before I got engaged I wondered what style of bride I'd be when the time came. Just like everyday fashion, there are categories like romantic, dramatic, traditional, bohemian, trendy, sexy, and so on. Of course my advice to myself (as well as others) is to be true to me and who I am, but when it comes to style I find myself fitting into all of these categories - it just depends on what day it is!"

According to the magazine, Julianne has narrowed it down to these five dresses, and she wants readers to choose which one is their favourite. Apparently whichever dress readers choose, she's going to wander down the aisle in.

Here's gúna number one, a boho inspired number called The Lake Gown, which costs $850.

Dress number two is called Grace (presumably after Princess Kelly) and clocks in at $2,300.

Following that, here's a number called The Bridgette, priced $1,600.

Dress number four is classic ballgown, the Mabel, priced $3290.

And, lastly, we have the staple "fit and flare" called the Dakota. It costs $1,200.


Personally, it's The Bridgette ALL the way. What's your preference?

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