Kim and Kanye Bring Baby Saint Back Home - to Kris's House

They're back in Kris's again because their house is being "remodeled". They do love getting work done on that house. That and it's always handy to have granny around to help look after the kiddies. The last time they decided to renovate was when North was born in 2013.

The newly expanded family reportedly checked out of hospital on Monday and were photographed departing in a Range Rover. A source speaking via Us Weekly said: "They are so ecstatic. Kim and Kanye are both so happy he's here, and Nori is already in love."

As for why they decided to call their son Saint, seemingly the couple were already calling him that before he was born given how difficult it was for them to conceive this time around. Try telling that to this lot, though. Everyone's an authority on "Fievel Goes West."


Would your mum's house be your first port of call after having a baby?

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