Kim K's Rocking Some Rather Revealing Maternity Wear at NYFW...

It's not that Kim Kardashian was seen hanging out with the likes of Courtney Love, or Ellen DeGeneres - that's not news. What is remarkable, however, is the maternity wear she was getting on down with. We kind of love it... We'll get to that in a minute.

Firstly, here she is with Courtney Love at a Givenchy event...

And here's Kim, having the LOLS with Ellen, wife Portia (in matching outfits, natch), alongside husband Kanye, who broke out a smile for the occasion...

And now to the two outfits she's worn to NYFW so far. The first is this gusset skimming YEEZY ensemble.


The second look is the winner. I'm sorry, but this is all kinds of fantastic... With first pregnancies, the bump is a bit of a novelty. Usually second pregnancies see the mum-to-be hide the bump as much as possible. One can assume Kim isn't following that rule this time around. She captioned the below "Givenchy head to toe!"

Other celebrities getting on down together at New York Fashion Week were 'friends' Brooklyn Beckham and Selena Gomez. Why, yes, he is indeed everywhere at the moment, fair play to him.


Back to Kim's Givenchy number. Would you consider wearing something similar while pregnant, or prefer to admire from afar...?

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