Kit Harington Gave Fans Hope for Jon Snow at Wimbledon Yesterday

If you have been following our Game of Thrones articles recently, you may have noticed that we are very much on 'Team Jon Snow Lives', first off, because the alternative is just altogether too devastating for our wee hearts to comprehend, and second of all, 'cos he just is, alright!

While there have been numerous theories put forward as to how and why he could live on, this weekend has brought along brand new evidence.

Kit Harington was at Wimbledon at the weekend, sporting extreme Jon Snowesque hair. As you may know already, Harington's hair length has always been tied into his contract for Game of Thrones, so you'd imagine when he was released from it, he would get a scissors to those locks... right?

Although, it is downright beautiful hair, we wouldn't go cutting it anytime soon either.

Still though, it certainly bodes well for his return.

Just sayin'.


Won't you join us in hope? Or do you just wish he'd feic off now please with all this hairy teasing?

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