Kylie J Fan Reads Comments Left Across Social Media

One of Kylie's fans, Will Rebein, has taken one of her make up tutorials, put it in reverse, and read out a selection of particularly scathing comments left across the reality star's various social media in the manner of JIGSAW from Saw.

Joking aside, this video really highlights the extent of bile the Jenners and Kardashians face on daily basis. On the one hand, people could argue that "Hey, they're making millions by being out there, in everyone's faces all the time, they should expect a certain level of wrath", while on the other hand we've got a teenager who's constantly being questioned about her life choices and consistently being compared to her sisters in the harshest of ways.

Irrespective of which camp you fall in to, the result is unnerving.

[vimeo id="146149009"]


Have you ever been subjected to online bullying?

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