Twitter had a LOT to say about Ray's Dean Strang interview

It's almost cliché to say how bad Ray D'Arcy's Show has been, but last night was a chance to turn it around - especially with such a high-value guest like Dean Strang.

The international sex-symbol / soft-spoken legal attorney, who doesn't give all that many interviews, was on Ray D'Arcy Show for what can only be described as a lengthy re-cap of the show followed by a few straightforward questions about his personal life since the show's release.

While it's true, D'Arcy may have had his hands tied as to what questions he could answer, there's no doubt that something could have been pulled out of this to make it slightly more watchable.

Naturally enough, Twitter shot into overdrive when Strang took to the stage.

Could he not just have expensed back his Netflix subscription and watched it?


Topical zinger No. 120. Good one, though. Gotta give credit here.


If Lt. Lenk took over the Radio 1 Show, it could be called LenkLine.



In fairness, we'd have asked that as well.


*Jerry Buting looks off mournfully into the distance*


We hoped for the best. This is what we get for hoping.
Did you watch? What did you think of the interview?

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