Liam Hemsworth on JLaw: She's a Clumsy, Clumsy Girl

Given she reportedly dislocated her toe because she was "so excited" about getting some sleep (more on that momentarily), one can assume she doesn't fall over on purpose. Why would you leave yourself open to such sleep deferring injuries?

Speaking on Late Night with Stephen Meyers, her Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth confirmed her "clumsy, clumsy" ways by stating that "she's terrible at walking."

As for how she dislocated her toe trying to get some sleep, Jennifer said of the exhausting press tour for Mockingjay Part II on Conan, "It’s exhausting. They pushed this show pony too far. We’ve been everywhere...  the best night of sleep the whole tour I got was on the plane. It was about 12 hours and I actually dislocated my toe. I dislocated my toe by hitting my own foot."


Ever broken something in a moment of excitement? Do share.

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