The lies are getting out of hand on the soaps this week

Your look ahead of what's happening in soapland this week...


Ashley is still suspicious that Laurel is drinking again so decides to confront her on it tonight, naturally enough it does not go down well and Lauren tells him she doesn't want him to go to the scan with her anymore. So who owns the alcohol? Turns out it's that brat Gabby, she's turning into a right trouble maker that one.

The biggest storyline this week however belongs to Rhona and Paddy, as the penny finally drops and she realises that he is the married man that Tess is having an affair with. Is this the end of the road for the couple?

Also this week, Jai returns and reveals he has checked himself into rehab. About time too. However, Jai's return could well be a spanner in the works for Leyla and Nikhil, as she's clearly still mad about him.

Coronation Street

Tracey has Carla exactly where she wants her this week having revealed to her that she knows about her one night stand with Robert. On Wednesday, she gives Carla an ultimatum - persuade Nick to sell his share of the business to Robert and move away, or her relationship with Nick is history... an offer that Carla gives some serious consideration to.

Also this week, Anna finally loses her rag with Phelan, while Sally continues her political campaign with Norris by her side, although she's not happy with him this week when he speaks to the Gazette on her behalf. This pair, honestly.



Kathy is terrified over Gavin's reappearance tonight and threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave, however Gavin surprises her by revealing that he went on holiday with Sharon, but now needs Kathy to pass on a message to her as it ended badly. As Kathy continues to stand up to him, Gavin breaks down and starts to cry... is it all an act though?

Also this week, Martin and little Arthur are in a car crash, don't worry though, they're okay. However, it does leave Stacey with a difficult decision as she must decide to stay on in hospital or continue her treatment at home.

Fair City

Ellie's not coping well at all with what's been going on (as you can see from the Exorcist style pic below), although in fairness, that poor pet has been through hell with that mother of hers. It becomes apparent tonight that it's very much Farrah she blames for her mother's absence too. Renee and Farrah agree later in the week that it would be too much for Ellie to see Heather how she is, so Renee writes a letter to her and pretends it's from Heather. Although Ellie is smarter than they think as she soon works out who was behind it...

Also this week, Pierce gets involved in some more dodgy dealings, while Mondo is caught in the crossfire when sparks fly between Hayley and Dean.

Red Rock

The clock is ticking for Brian this week on Red Rock if he wants to stay out of prison. Fingers crossed though that Rachel is smart enough to not change her statement for him.

Elsewhere, a suspicious call out to a burglary puts Sean and Adrijan's lives in grave danger - ah here, we can't lose another Gard, Red Rock!


Also this week, Vinnie's left to cough up the Kielys share of the christening money, but will he resort to a deal with the devil (aka Patricia Hennessy) to make them disappear?

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