Lies, threats and old faces return on the soaps this week

Your sneak preview of what's coming up in the soaps this week....


Ross is shocked to find out that Charity is blackmailing Emma over hiding Noah, but when he confronts her on it, he realises she has him over a barrel too when Charity tells him that she knows he shot Robert. Always has a trick up her sleeve that one.

Tuesday then will see Ross going to extreme measures to get Charity her money...

Elsewhere, Aaron is in for a shock when he sees that Gordon is feigning illness in court to gain sympathy, while later in the week, Liv turns up in the village accusing Aaron of lying.

Also this week, it's time for Laurel and Ashley to tie the knot again... could this be the first soap wedding to go without a glitch. We're going to guess no.

Coronation Street

Eugh, Phelan continues being the absolute WORST all week. When Anna notices him and Eileen getting closer, Izzy encourages Anna to tell her what he is really like. However, Phelan manages to get to Eileen first with his lies, but who will she believe?

Elsewhere, Sarah has a scare with the baby this week, while Eva and Billy head on a rescue mission to the O'Driscolls to get Marta.



There's a tough week in store for the Carters, as on Monday night Linda discovers that little Ollie isn't moving in his cot. He's rushed to hospital and on Tuesday they are devastated to find out that he may have brain damage and it's more than likely from that fall he had when Nancy and Lee were fighting. Ah here EastEnders, sometimes you're just too tragic.

Also this week, looks like Martin wants to leave the Square for good after all that's happened, can his family and friends persuade him to stay?

Fair City

The apple doesn't fall from the tree when it comes to that Oisin fella and his mam Nicola. We're definitely not a fan of his, what happened to that cute little kid we used to know and love? Oisin announces on Tuesday he wants to stay in Dublin for good but Niamh's suspicions lead her to calling Nicola and Clar, who rock up then on Wednesday. We always love to see Nicola coming, but no doubt this lot will wreak havoc on the Brennan household.

Elsewhere, Carol continues to worry that Dan isn't really happy in London, while Doug finally makes a move on Ama, but we have a feeling it may not be reciprocated...

Red Rock

Looks like Rachel may be finally starting to see through Brian this week as she discovers that he has been meeting his wife behind her back. Herself and Conor look to be getting their friendship back on track too as he continues to be weened off heroine by his dad, a fact Angela is still struggling with, but she can't deny it's working... for now at least.


Also this week, time's up for Bridget who desperately needs to pay back her loans to Joe Fallon and fast. However it may take more than she realises to get Joe out of her life for good...

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