Lose the Lads Mags - Striking a blow for feminism or censorship gone mad?

Launched last month, the Lose the Lads Mags campaign claims that Nuts, Esquire and their ilk are harmful and sexist. They're  threatening legal action against retailers under the UK Equality Act 2010, claiming that displaying magazines featuring naked ladies may constitute sexual harassment or sex discrimination.

The first target is Tesco and they're encouraging supporters to  Tweet, Facebook or email the retail giant here.

I genuinely don't think lad's mags are particularly harmful, it seems to me (prepare for a SHOCKING INSIGHT) that some men like to look at breasts. These men are routinely stymied by high necklines and normal human decency, but with Lad's Mags, they can breath a sigh of relief. FINALLY, a product aimed at the needs of these men!

Ok, I'll agree MAYBE there IS a bit too much of this on the news-stands:


But if nudity on magazine covers is offensive and sexist, surely women's magazines are equal opportunity offenders? I've seen plenty of magazine nipple-age, and I'm not in the habit of buying Nuts and Zoo. Any naked female flesh I've seen has been on the pages or cover of fashion magazines, all firmly aimed at women.

So would covers like this constitute sexual harassment?



Does displaying women's magazines like this also constitute sexual harassment? Or is female objectification solely the preserve of the Lad's mags?

Neither of these covers offend me to be honest. I just don't feel demeaned or degraded!

Also, if we feel naked, sexualized women constitute sexual harassment, where do we leave men? Will Men's Health come in for the same vilification as FHM?


If you look beyond the covers at the content of these Lad's magazines, mostly aimed at younger guys, they're generally focused on how to get a girl and then please her. Surely no bad thing? (Whaddaya mean they're not buying them for the articles!?)


What do you think about these publications? Would you like to see Tesco's magazine racks devoid of all boobage? Or is this campaign censorship gone mad?

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