A LOT of unhappy faces on the soaps this week...

Your preview of what's ahead on the soaps this week...


David manages to persuade Pollard to see a doctor about his symptoms tonight by agreeing to go for a check-up himself. However, while his dad turns out to only have a minor infection, it seems David may have a more serious condition when a lump is discovered and he realises it may be cancer.

Also this week, Cain puts a plan in motion to get Dean away from Holly, while Liv continues to spy on Aaron for Gordon... here's hoping nobody brings up that whole Ryan thing so.

Coronation Street

Tracy is still fuming following her encounter with Carla at the Bistro - that one just needs to decide if she's spilling the beans or not. Although this is Corrie, so it will all come out eventually no doubt.

Also this week, Michelle starts hanging out with her old flame Will, and Liz worries there's an affair on the cards. She's not the only one. While Izzy continues to struggle with her pain and Gemma sets her sights on Jason, God help him.


Monday's episode of EastEnders finished with Ben trying to top his dad, but don't worry, that's not how Phil Mitchell will meet his maker as Sharon gets home on time to stop him. Later on though, a drunken Phil sets about destroying the Arches, unaware that someone is in fact in there...


Also this week, Linda struggles to cope with the realisation that Ollie may not be the same as he was while Mick still can't forgive Nancy. Ah here Mick, we seriously can't watch Nancy beat herself up over this a minute longer. Thankfully though, Linda steps up to the plate later in the week and takes control over the situation.

Fair City

Charlotte and Oisin continue to play out their games with their families this week, and it works a treat too. Although Oisin does manage to find himself at the receiving end of a smack from Charlotte later in the week but no doubt that won't be the end for Carrigstown most annoying star-crossed lovers yet.

Also this week, Ellie decides to sneak off to visit Heather, who is still not doing too well at all, while a bit of a love triangle emerges between Ama, Emmet and Farrah.

Red Rock

Brian continues on his mission to clear his name while also getting revenge on those that brought him down. Last week it was Sharon, but now he has his sights firmly set on his next target – Angela Tyrell.

Rachel however, is more in love with Brian than ever, although she makes a discovery at his bedsit on Wednesday that could change everything. Also, Paudge decides to defend Sharon's honour against Brian, but not sure how well that will go down.

Also this week, Bridget pulls a sickie to avoid Joe but he's soon on to her.


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