Louis Walsh to Get New TV Show in Britain?

We were starting to get worried about Louis for a bit there after Simon Cowell booted him from the X Factor, especially when he started showing up in those sponsored boogie woogie Cadbury's ads. But it appears things are going great for the former manager.

In an interview with the Herald, he spoke about a possible upcoming TV show in Britain that was in the pipeline; "I might be doing a show in the New Year. I can't say anything until the contract comes in but I can tell you that it has nothing to do with music."

Walsh also said how he was glad he wasn't in this year's X Factor and we can't blame him. Ratings are plummeting and it's starting to feel like Cowell is trying to steer a sinking ship.

Describing his absence this year as 'the best thing ever', he said; "The show hasn't really gone well, lets be honest. The figures are down, and if I was there Simon would be blaming me, so I'm blaming him.

"There were too many changes. He messed with the show far too much because people loved the format. They liked seeing Dermot and I think a few people liked seeing me too - just a few."

Louis is now busy managing upcoming boyband Hometown, which he describes as the 'real deal'.


"They write all their own songs. Hometown are doing it the old fashioned way - it's not like with Boyzone or Westlife.

"They're not lazy. They have 'Homies' everywhere - girls that follow them - and they're working on a big arena tour next year.

"I just think they're special. It's the vocals: that's what gets me excited."

Well at least they can get Louis's full attention now that he doesn't have Simon to answer to, and what of next year's TV show?

Celebrity Big Brother per chance? We can only hope.

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