Love Island being investigated by Ofcom over a sex scene

As popular as this current season of Love Island was, it was not without its share of controversy, with one of the Islanders, Zara Holland, stripped of her Miss Great Britain title due to a sex scene that aired on the show.

There's more trouble now for the TV series as regulator Ofcom is investigating complaints they received over a sex scene which involved Emma-Jane Woodham and Terry Walsh.

The scene proved controversial as Emma was shown over the covers on top of Terry, whereas most of the action prior to that was under the covers and left to the viewers imagination. The incident caused a huge argument in the house at the time too, with fellow contestant Sophie Grabon being very vocal with her disgust.

She wasn't the only one too, as eight people complained to broadcaster ITV about the scene (yes, we know only eight), but as it was aired so close to the watershed, OfCom must investigate it.


A spokesperson for the regulator said; "This programme included sexual material shortly after the watershed. We're investigating whether the transition to more adult content was unduly abrupt."

The show may find themselves faced with a hefty fine, but we're not sure how bothered the folk behind Love Island will be though considering that the series gained double the viewership this summer and has already been given the go ahead for next year.

No such thing as bad press and all that.

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