Love Island's narrator dude is NOT what we pictured at all

Those watching Love Island will know that the best part of the series isn't the romance, or the drama, or the really really ridiculously good looking people - no - it's the witty voice-over guy that makes it.

The narrator has no bother cutting them all down to size with his one-liners, and the show just wouldn't be the same without him. For some reason we've always had a picture of him in our heads as some sort of Julian Simmons type, but nope, he's actually 28-year-old Scottish comedian Iain Stirling, and is fairly easy on the eye as it turns out. (Not that there's owt wrong with wee Julian).

Stirling began narrating the show in 2015, even popping up to present sometimes alongside Caroline Flack, although we haven't seen him in the flesh this series. He also stars in Comedy Central series Drunk History, and will be performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.


(Image above via Instagram)

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