A major death, a missing person, and a plan for revenge


Aaron struggles to cope with the news of Gordon's death on Monday night, and wished he had confronted his father when he had the chance. Poor aul Aaron. He really has been through it all at this stage. Elsewhere, Pierce's suspicions are aroused by Vanessa's reaction to seeing a picture of Kirin, so he steals her phone to help track him down. Later in the week we'll see him demanding answers from Vanessa while also admitting his feelings for Rhona. Also, Ashley's memory loss causes him to lose Arthur leading to a visit from a social worker. Oh dear...


Carla is worried on Monday night that Nick has called off the wedding because he found out about her one night stand with Robert, and demands that David tells her what is going on. Will he reveal all? Also this week, Jenny finds herself coming to the rescue in Blackpool, Izzy faces serious consequences for her marijuana use, and Tracey decides to start blackmailing Carla again. Honestly, there's no end to that one.



Well would you look who it is! Pretty much in the same jacket we last saw him in a decade ago. What is with soaps not letting their characters get new jackets? We'll assume he gets the 'doof doof' moment Monday night, but it's Tuesday when you will really need the tissues as we say goodbye to the iconic soap legend that is Peggy Mitchell. Sniff. we can't quite believe it. The rest of the week will see the devastated Mitchell family trying to deal with their loss, but there SHOULD be some happier times on Friday when Stacey and Martin get married. No guarantees though.

Fair City

Eoghan and Rose really start to worry about Katy tonight as it's the day of her exam and she still hasn't returned home. Pretty soon Deegan gets involved with Debbie forced to admit that she hasn't actually heard from her daughter since she left. Racked with guilt, Debbie plans on telling Eoghan everything when Deegan arrives in and informs them both that Katy never showed up in Galway and is now considered a missing person. It only took them a week and a half to work that out. We blame Tommy - it's always Tommy's fault somehow. Also this week, Oisin continues his battle for the most annoying resident of Carrigstown as he plays mind games with Jane, while it's make or break time for Decco and Kerri-Ann as she clearly wants to have a baby.

Red Rock


Bridget is still on edge following her horrific encounter with Joe Fallon, and Vinnie is determined to get revenge. Bridget however insists they need to be smart about it and hit the loan shark where it hurts. Katie and baby Luke are sent out of harm’s way as the couple prepare to set a plan in motion to make Joe Fallon pay for what he's done. Elsewhere, the murder investigation is taking its toll on Nikki, while Angela is faced with an impossible dilemma.

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