Male Contraception Injection Will be Available in the Next Three Years

If we're being totally honest, the weight of contraception often falls on us girls. However, a medical option for men will be a reality in the next two to three years.

One simple injection of a liquid polymer into the sperm tubes, done under local anaesthetic, will block the sperm. To reverse it, another injection is made which dissolves the polymer and return everything to normal working mode.

The injection blocks sperm, but allows other.. eh.. fluid to pass through. This option is hoped to be a better, less drastic option as opposed to vasectomies.

The polymer, known as Vasalgel, will become publicly available between 2018 and 2022. What's more, the procedure has no effect on hormonal levels for men, unlike certain options for female contraception.

Medical trials are due to begin in 2016 which will test how effective the injection is and how long the injection lasts.


Vasalgel, however, isn't the only male-contraceptive that's currently in the works.

At least two male contraceptive pills are in the works in both the UK and Indonesia, both of which will directly affect the makeup of sperm. One will directly affect the motility - the ability for sperm to swim - whilst the other will affect the sperm's ability to fertilise.

Both are expected to enter human trials shortly with a view to a public release in 2017 and 2018.

We hope that they are still working on making female contraception a safer experience, unless the whole plan is to take that responsibility away from us entirely? What do you think? Is it a brave new world for the menfolk?

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